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Just another way of making money, get paid for enjoying yourself. If you can dress to impress no matter what the occasion, do you think you got a friendly, warm personality? Do you like meeting new people and being the center of attention? Can you comfortably talk about a broad range of topics that you may not have an interest in smoothly? Lastly, are you a good listener?

No Sex Escort Jobs UK

If these all apply to you then this could be a good opportunity for you.
As we are a non-sexual escort, you will always be meeting these clients in a public place at reasonable hours for you to be and feel 100% safe.
As one of our companions if you ever feel pressured into something you don’t want to do you may leave the date (however a fee will be taken out of your paycheck for not attending the full booking)
We always have a background check on the client to ensure they have no bad intentions hence we can attain your 100% safety!
This is a very good way of getting to know new people, and socializing with people who want to pay for your precious company.

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