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We must take it very seriously that these escorts are strictly non-sexual escorts who can and will only provide you with their company. We have an excellent range of companions and you can pick someone by placing your location and a variety of close by companions will display, if you are eager to see a companion from a different region the booking will have to be placed more in advance to accommodate both the companion and the client as much as possible. We can take bookings for companions up to 2 hours before they are needed and booking needs to be for a minimum of 2 consecutive hours. 

Hire A Non-Sexual Escort

Our companions will try their best to cater to you with every aspect of themselves, meaning they are there for specifically your company and to be compatible. if you have any special requests ensure to let us know in the bookings.
Escorts are good for all of the below things:
  • dinner for two
  • holiday getaways
  • weekends off
  • wedding plus one
  • mid week night out

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What Is Your Goal

we cannot stress enough that these escorts are strictly nonsexual! they are not looking for romance they are strictly there to give you their attention and companionship only! we strive for our escorts 100% safety and will not settle for lower.

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